What is The Pom Pom Project?

Short answer. A central gathering place that encourages Pom Pom making, to make Pom Pom Wreaths for Christmas. Both for personal use and charity. Crafting is therapeutic and with the power of social media, we can share our progress and cheer each other on. 


Creating a community of makers.

When can I start making Pom Poms?

Now! You/We are going to need a lot of poms so the sooner we all start, the better it's going to be.


How many Pom Poms does it take to make one wreath?

At least 300.

How many Pom Poms do we need for the charity wreaths?

1000. This should give us 3 wreaths to auction off in our first year.  This number will grow each year.


Does it matter how big, or what colour the Pom Poms are?

Not at all. The more colourful the better we think. All sizes are good, but we'd say keep them under 10cm.  

My Pom Poms are shaggy?

Yeah... you'll have to trim them down. Think of it as giving the pom a hair cut.

How often do you have workshops?

We're working on this. We're planning on having them monthly. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, workshops/crafting nights will be ticketed. Which will basically just be a gold coin donation. Follow us on Instagram @the_pompom_project to find out when the next workshop is.

Can I host my own Pom Pom workshops?

By all means. Remembering our goal is to make at least 3 Pom Pom Wreaths towards the end of the year to be auctioned off for charity via Instagram. To do this we will need 1000 pom poms donated by makers.  

I can't make a workshop, can I still be apart of The Pom Pom Project?

YES YES YES. PLEASE! We welcome Pom Poms from everywhere. Share them with us on Instagram.

@the_pompom_project and hashtag #thepompomwreathproject.

If you want your poms to be apart of our charity wreaths, pop them in the post or if you want to hold onto them all and make a wreath for yourself, that works too.

Is The Pom Pom Project a charity?

The Pom Pom Project is a not for profit. All money raised will be donated to chosen charities. We are still in the early days, and more will be shared as we work through everything. BUT mostly we are here to support anyone and everyone that wants to get involved, any monies raised will be a bonus.